Starting Anew: A Re-launch!


I’ve decided to restart my health blog after a hiatus of a couple of years. It has been a difficult but rewarding time. In 2015 I was diagnosed with an auto-immune condition that rapidly sent me into life threatening circumstances. My world got turned upside down very fast in every single department. I was tossed into what seemed like an unimaginable situation – some days it still feels that way! It has been a radically transformative experience all the while, with quite the winding road, filled with ups and downs, surprise cameos, as well as great sorrows, great joys, and impacting realizations.

It’s my hope that I can share a big part of myself with you, as well as spread the word on some of the knowledge and experience I’ve gathered during this time. There are many levels of gratitude that I wish to convey about this ongoing experience. One level is that it has been very special and life affirming to be a healer who has been moving through territory that is at the frontier of what humanity knows about health and medicine. It has encouraged me to dig deeper than I ever have before, to form connections to people, topics and ideas beyond anything I could’ve imagined just a couple of years ago. It seems that every trauma that happens, every challenge, every mountain to climb becomes a sort of piece of the puzzle to the greater Mystery of living, and I know that anyone out there who has had health or personal challenges will relate in some way to this shared human experience!

Chiron of ancient Greece, the centaur of healing who himself is wounded in battle

The Wounded Healer: Chiron of ancient Greece, the centaur of healing who himself is wounded in battle

Such imbalances can bring you a greater balance, just by living through them. They reveal precious jewels within your being, in places you’d never normally think to observe. While it hasn’t been a cake walk, I have nonetheless found my challenges highly instructive. They get to the bottom of things. They point you directly toward everything about yourself that you don’t yet understand, or maybe that you weren’t prepared to look at. And when the imbalance is very serious, it can even show you how much you’ve been invested in repressing the very thoughts and feelings that would heal your life in a revolutionary way, if only you had been able to endure the fear associated with beginning to feel them a lot sooner. In other words, say hello to your wake up call!

I hope you continue to stay tuned. This is going to be an evolving project and I can’t really predict what forms it will take on. It will be organic and creative. There will surely be recipes, focus topics, philosophy, personal stories, and lots of other gems that I’d like to pass on, all of which will be interwoven with the tapestry of my own process.

There are various services that I’m currently offering, and the different pages on my site will be added over time to explain these services. This will be a work in progress! For now, please enjoy this blog as my offering to you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Also!… please also feel free to give suggestions and feedback in the comments section on this page below! If there’s a topic you’d be interested in hearing more about, or you’d just like to say hi, I welcome it!

 Thank you for reading, it is an honour to share this with you! Happy Harvest Moon!


  1. Congrats Jason! “Learning Out Loud” is a hugely powerful way to live & let live, this is what I see here among very powerful messages!
    Life is amazing, and the growing consciousness of what health & wellness is is very inclusive of balancing our experience & sharin that too…

    I truly believe as we each heal ourselves, we heal others, I’m so happy for you, with or without challenges, that you are so in tune. 🙂

  2. Congrats, I’m very happy for you, Jason!

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