Fire Cupping

The ancient healing modality known as fire cupping is very popular all over the world, especially in Asia and eastern Europe. However, it wasn’t until recent years that it started to gain popularity as celebrities showed up at awards shows displaying their cupping marks. Most recently, the 2016 Olympics in Brazil have displayed many high profile athletes with cupping marks, as well as their glowing endorsements!

When there is injury or poor circulation in a part of the body, tissues, blood and fluids become stuck in the affected areas. As the blockage becomes more and more solidified with the passage of time, not only is function reduced but so is the over all wellness of the entire body. In Chinese medicine, we call this “stagnation”. If you can free up these areas of stagnation, not only does the local area feel better, but there is more wellness experienced holistically.

The Method

Fire is quickly inserted and removed from a glass cup which is placed on the skin, and the cooling of the cup creates a vacuum which gently pulls into the cup the skin and all the affected tissue layers underneath. Unlike more common massage techniques which involve pushing on the body, fire cupping pulls out and extracts. As the suction pulls on the tissue, all of the tight, injured and stuck tissue layers begin to separate, removing old toxicity and allowing new blood to flow in. Whether it’s more recent or old injuries, there will be clearance and healing, often with much less time than more common methods.

When combined with acupuncture and gentle massage, relief from symptoms is usually immediate. It works really well on areas of long-term or traumatic injury, like the back, shoulder and knee joints, and areas with large muscle.