Part of the conscious work of healing involves learning to release, re-frame and re-align our thinking or emotional patterns in ways that help us feel better. Often, we arrive at the point of needing advice and compassionate guidance from peers, mentors and elders when we can’t figure things out ourselves, or we don’t think we have the courage to see the way forward in some part of our personal growth. Please allow me to add to the chorus of caring people in your life by being a voice of reason who could possibly contribute to your self-understanding.

The more I do healing work with people, the more I discover that people’s sincere desire to communicate about themselves naturally unfolds no matter what kind of modality is being used. Talking is a form of personal work and it can help to shift people from a place of challenge to a place of inspired growth. Sometimes body work needs to be balanced with this kind of interaction, and all you need is a key piece of information through conversation in order to move forward. It’s for this reason that I offer counseling as a separate service.

My counseling service is also available by phone if you are not in the Greater Vancouver Area, or you just wish to talk by phone. Please see the contact page for how you can reach me.