Herbal wisdom has been in use since before recorded history with varied traditions, world views, and applications. I’ve been formally trained in oriental herbalism with a lot of apprenticeship in North American herbalism. I feel that the two systems of knowledge and medicine combine well together. There is great power in plant medicine and I have seen so-called incurable diseases get turned around with the simplest of remedies.

Depending on the person and how an herb is used, it may treat physical, emotional, mental or spiritual concerns — or all of the above. Each person has a different symptom picture, their own story of what they’ve been through and are experiencing. This individualized approach to medicine is therefore more effective than simply buying commercial preparations. I encourage people to develop relationships with their medicine, from the living plant all the way to the processed medicine, if they can. Healing is more than just being told what to do, it’s a relationship between ourselves and our environment.

My herbal preparations are organic and many are wild crafted by myself. They include raw herbs, concentrated powders, tinctures, salves, teas and other medicinal formulations.