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All original content created by me, whether it is my written works or graphic material, is strictly Copyright © Jason Brien and may not be used elsewhere without my strict written permission. I’ve worked very hard at putting this site together and although it has been a labour of love, I would very much appreciate the integrity of my work being respected and credited. If something appears here that really inspires you and you’d like to share it elsewhere, I would kindly ask that you write to me to provide an explanation of your process and await permission before sharing the content.

On health advice and posted information

Although I am a registered health practitioner in my region and I have the best of intentions, I cannot take personal responsibility for how others may choose to interpret anything that appears on my website or how they may choose to apply it to themselves. Each person must take their personal health into their own hands and make the best choices possible. That said, my site exists to provide knowledge of my services as well as information for consideration, but it can never take the place of a professional medical diagnosis and treatment. Beyond 1 on 1 consults which have guiding legal principles that I am bound by through my professional body, I disavow any responsibility and liability toward anyone’s use of knowledge from this website that is done so without consulting a medical professional. This includes but is not limited to articles, recipes, suggested and traditional uses of herbs, and all other content.

Contents cited

Content that does not belong to me, such as information posted in my blog, has been properly cited with credit to the originating author. I cite such content for the sake of enriching the knowledge base I am creating here, and for providing better context. If you believe that your content has been improperly cited, used without permission, and/or you would prefer to not have it appear here, then please contact me and I will consider removing it within a reasonable time frame.  It has never been my intention to step on anybody’s toes and I try to conduct my affairs with the utmost respect for the works of others.


If there is any aspect to this combined copyright notice / disclaimer that is unclear, seemingly incomplete, or if there are general questions that it does not answer, please feel free to contact me and I’ll happily discuss it with you. As a general rule, no content on this website is free to be replicated, so you might as well just ask. 🙂