You are the expert of your own story and contain the map of what you need, whether you know it or not. What I offer are my skills, tools and experience to serve as guidance, to help you figure out some more puzzle pieces to your condition. To be a true investigator of root causes. Everyone wants the holy grail of the cure, which may be achievable, but there is usually a process involved in getting there. That process can be confusing, painful, or unclear. When you’re suffering, you just want to get to the bottom of it. That’s my goal for you too!

Often, the part of ourselves where we suffer the most is the part that can grant us our most powerful learning opportunities. My patients tend to be people who not only want to be healed, but they also want to learn how to be their own healers. Our wounds already carry a sort of personal instruction manual, a blueprint that’s a work in progress. Learning to read the blueprint, rather than looking for the quick fix, is how we achieve personal progress. It’s this level that I prefer to work on! Root causes, not just symptoms.

I also very much enjoy working with other healers and body workers. I’m a “healer for healers”, especially ones that have experienced the infamous compassion fatigue or general burnout. Sometimes we need a fellow professional colleague to rehabilitate us before we can return to being of service, someone who knows the lingo and relates to what it feels like.


“Before seeing Jason I was highly sceptical of holistic healing. Yet, I have never felt healthier. My treatments have never taken over one hour, and even so Jason is always there to facilitate what is needed (are you too hot, cold, thirsty, etc...). Personally, I have never felt better in any other clinic. There is just something about the positive energy of the space that was absolutely essential to my treatments. As time passed, I found Jason Brien to be an exceedingly intuitive and knowledgeable skilled professional and health practitioner. More often than not, Jason surpassed my expectations. Over the course of about a year Jason was able to balance for me. Each and every time I left I felt much better. Alongside Jason's direction, over the course of only one year I no longer suffer from the chronic issues that once plagued my daily life. It's difficult to say what exactly Jason did to heal me, but it most definitely was a combination of his training, experience, intuitive technique, and professional care.”


“I have had 2 sessions with Jason and both were both very uplifting positive transformational experiences. I appreciate his knowledge and expertise in the natural medicines and holistic alternative approach to healing modalities. His Chakra balancing acupuncture sessions are great. I highly recommend Jason to anyone wanting to experience a little taste of higher dimensional living.”


“When I first met Jason Brien about 2 years ago, I was very sceptical about Acupuncture. My previous experience with another practitioner years ago wasn't that helpful and I'd ruled out acupuncture as a healing modality for me. I went to see Jason, expecting much the same thing and I was pleasantly surprised. First of all, he only sees one person at a time. The unhurried, thorough, one on one attention made this experience much more helpful. He also gave me in-depth explanations and answered my many questions. I went to see Jason about migraines and a shoulder injury. After about six acupuncture sessions, combined with fire cupping, I was able to return to the gym and work on strengthening my shoulder. This led to yoga, diet change, weight loss and a new lifestyle. Jason was able to reduce the frequency and duration of migraines that could last 4 - 5 days every week.”


“I received treatment from Jason for about a year and a half and was one of the biggest steps in my healing journey. I have seen many different TCM practitioners and healers and Jason is most definitely a sensitive, gifted and intuitive practitioner who also has a depth of knowledge and training in TCM. Before Jason I stopped seeing acupuncturists because I felt disempowered by the practise of simply getting my pulse taken, getting some herbs or needles and not understanding what is happening in myself in order to make changes. He took the time to explain and talk to me. I would for sure trust him as knowledgeable, caring practitioner.”


“I have spent over a year and a half in Jason's care. I have had a healing journey that has included chronic stomach issues, post traumatic stress disorder and extreme adrenal fatigue. Jason is a truly gifted practitioner who is there for you and your journey 110%. He listened to all my questions and concerns always with an answer for me. He is also always generous with his time and attention. Jason helped me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I have spent years in the care of different alternative practioners, but when I found Jason I finally found a person I could trust my health with. Jason isn't just someone who practices Chinese medicine and acupuncture, he is a natural and gifted healer. I have always felt better for having been in his care.”